Hey there! Its 2000 and 18…!!! Already!

Gila. Its been so long since the establishment (KONON!) of this blog. But funny thing is nothing much change though… Sigh…
Im writing this pun because Im feeling sleepy. And my urgent works dah siap! (yay!). Tapi kerja lain ada je lagi. Yang penting punya je lah dah settle. So bule la mengarut kejap.

Talking about work.
Im now has been transferred to new project in Klang Valley. Finally! After almost 5 years ulang-alik JB, now Im back working in KL. Work wise, the challenge is getting tougher. But I still can manage. Luckily this new project there’s Manager to lead me. Well, to be honest Im still not ready to Manage & Lead things. Even any small decision making pun, the little sister normally will help to decide. Maybe its AB thing I guess.

Im deeply involve in KPop (EXO in particular) for the past 4 years. Been going to concert (hell yeahh!). Local and even overseas! Although the concert was held in Singapore, but still I went there! Crazy right? I never thought that I wil carelessly spend so much money on this kind of things but to think again about it, it makes me happy! Kpop makes me Happy.

Since I love KPop, I make an annual trip to Seoul. Sometimes, I even went to Seoul more than once for a year. I love exploring Seoul. KL sendiri pun tak habis jalan, tapi Seoul I’ve been everywhere. Maybe when KL wheather is nice and not too hot, I should try explore KL more. Hehe…

What else eh?
Oh, and Im wearing braces now. Well, its been a year and half already.

I can’t think of anything new to update anymore.
Till then.


Its Saturday and Hari Raya Qurban week.

Im not going back to KL this week as my family decided to come to JB. And Dean will be in Sunway pulak for his Malaysia Promo. Dean aahh, miane ahhh… Cheongmal mianeyo…

Pagi tadi, ada la borak-borak sikit dengan colleague regarding ‘relationship’. I asked him what is wrong with me? Am I such an unapproachable person?

He was hesitate to give me the answer at first. But then he tell me that it is because “Im too easy” “Easy? What do you mean by EASY…?” “You’re not serious. Your happy bubbly personality makes people think that you’re not taking things seriously. So people cannot take you as a serious person. That make it hard to approach you”

And the statement hit me! Right away. And Im thinking, this is not the first time people say this kind of things to me.

I was trying so hard not to be CRAZY SERIOUS person, but turns out people sees me as being TOO UNSERIOUS pulak.

What should I do then?


Cheer Up

Anneyong!!! Im back from Seoul pulak… Kekekeke

But 1st, I need to rant my self out! Ok, a week before I went to Seoul, suppose we need to return the Bukit Indah house key. And the same week jugak kena pindah new office and internal audit will be held as well. I know, I know, it is a hectic week for everybody while Im taking my time off and fly away to my hometown (Seoul of course!).

Tapi tu la, sampai la ni, kunci rumah kat Bukit Indah tu tak di return pun. Orang yg patut handle benda tu (Roshila) kata tak boleh reach orang tu pulak. Ko call bape kali bule aku tanya? Ko pun nak lepas tangan kan? Ko tak boleh ye buat kerja sampai habis sorang2..??

And sampai barang aku nak kena pindah kan pun aku rasa orang lain kemas kan. Ko dok fikir barang ko je kan? Ye, ye, aku tau, barang ko banyak. But I thought you are my friend??? That’s when I realized that “Everybody is selfish” “You have to take care of your ownself”. Yup, reality checked is TOUGH!

Today, me myself try contact again the number that the house owner given last time. Hello!? The person on the other side of the phone pick up!! How come you said the number was not in service last time???? Maigod. Now, nak jadi cerita, memang aku kena settle kan jugak lah benda ni dengan ko kan? Ko sedap nak duduk bilik masterbed. Alasan ko, sebab ko dah kahwin, and sometime laki ko nak datang. Waddaa…???! Nak settle house key, ko boleh berkira lak ngan aku.

Takpe laahhhh. I need to keep my positive vibe intact. Hopefully my Mr Happy Virus can keep me “Cheer Up”. Hopefully. Park Channie ahhhh, please help me ahhhh…