So, its been almost 3 months now since I start resume to work with IJM. Ngehh, tak yah la nak selindung-selindung lagi. There, I said it.

Sebenarnya nak story pasal benda lain. Lately, little sister and me agak kerap kongsi cerita bab heart-to-heart. Especially since dah ramai cousin yang tamat zaman bujang kan? Kitorang pulak macam tak habis-habis nak enjoy ngan dunia kitorang. Dengan K-Pop laa, nak travel la, nak dok umah sesama laa…

And to be honest, I did thinking about to settle down! Indeed! Sapa yang tak nak kan? Ada la minat-minat, pandang-pandang. Tapi takat tu je la…

Ada sekejap tu, kerap gak stalk twitter Dr Heartpill, tapi rasa macam langit ngan bumi lak. Budak ofis? Ada dulu kat site lama. Turns out, aku gak yang frust menonggeng sebab feeling sorang-sorang.

Now, since dok dekat HQ ni, ada usha sorang mamat ni jugak. I know he’s younger than me. But suka jugak la tengok, sebab dia ni tinggi. Character wise, a bit poyo. So kadang-kadang macam rasa kureng laa… Other than that I think he’s not bad.

Selepas nak dekat setahun, baru tau who he really is. Well, Im kinda surpised! Dulu rasa dia ni macam staff biasa-biasa je. Now I think he deserve a respect! Bapak dia bukan calang-calang orang rupanya, and he humbly start his career with IJM from the bottom *imaginary hat bow*

And tetiba, my perception towards him jadi tukar. Rasa macam terminat lak tetiba. Haisyh, tak tau niat ni betul ke tak… Ampun, ya Allah. Betul kan niat aku balik. Amin!

Come Back Home

Im coming back.
It certainly not an easy decision.
But I’ve decided to come back.
Hope everything will be ok.
I need to re-focused again and ignore the fuss that definitely will surface once I step back my feet in the company.
Well, let just hope and pray that it will be OK.


Love Turns You Upside Down

Its 5th day of working in this new company that I decide to move on to. So far, I can’t say much as Im still coping with the new system and from the previous company.

But, what I come to realized was, I think, I have a secret relationship with the previous company. Ye la, 7 years kot! Bukan sekejap. Kadang-kadang, tetiba rasa sedih nak nangis. Nak call ofis, checking emails, respond to the whatsapp group (which sebelum ni rasa ya, ampun gila malas aku nak check). Withdrawal symptom finally kicked-in!

However, as I promised myself, I will try my best to fit in. Walaupun sometimes feels like nak reconcile balik dengan IJM. Maybe I deserved a break.


Counting the Days

So, now Im in dilemma. I don’t know whether they really value my works ethics or they just want to toy with my feelings and future.

I know, I know, being an employee in this company has its own perks. Tapi the way bosses ni suruh aku stay buat aku sendiri doubting my own decision. Ke aku yang mudah sangat lembut hati? Benar kah?? Unbelievable!

I am suppose to be counting days, minutes and seconds to enjoy my freedom. But instead, struggling with never ending tasks and still weighing my final decision.

Start Me Up

Hello, Im back again!!

Honestly never thought that I will be writing again in this ‘usang’ blog. Seriously, memang dah berhabuk – teruk!

But, all credit goes to my little sister that (jokingly) asked me to marry this guy; who himself claimed that he 'is just a regular guy who adores simplicity'.

So, I begin following his twitter, request to follow in insta and even read his blog! Well, well… The old stalker me is making a COME BACK!!!

Easy to say, I could simply fall (in love?) for this guy. But why? Is it his awesome career contributing to that? I don’t know. For what I know is, this guy reminds me of the previous guy in the previous post.

Kebetulan je kot.