Love Turns You Upside Down

Its 5th day of working in this new company that I decide to move on to. So far, I can’t say much as Im still coping with the new system and from the previous company.

But, what I come to realized was, I think, I have a secret relationship with the previous company. Ye la, 7 years kot! Bukan sekejap. Kadang-kadang, tetiba rasa sedih nak nangis. Nak call ofis, checking emails, respond to the whatsapp group (which sebelum ni rasa ya, ampun gila malas aku nak check). Withdrawal symptom finally kicked-in!

However, as I promised myself, I will try my best to fit in. Walaupun sometimes feels like nak reconcile balik dengan IJM. Maybe I deserved a break.


Counting the Days

So, now Im in dilemma. I don’t know whether they really value my works ethics or they just want to toy with my feelings and future.

I know, I know, being an employee in this company has its own perks. Tapi the way bosses ni suruh aku stay buat aku sendiri doubting my own decision. Ke aku yang mudah sangat lembut hati? Benar kah?? Unbelievable!

I am suppose to be counting days, minutes and seconds to enjoy my freedom. But instead, struggling with never ending tasks and still weighing my final decision.