Get'cha Head In The Game

Olaa! Happy Olympic’s Month! 

So, I was involve in 2 games (dengan secara tak sengaja). One is IJM Games, and the other one is Sukan Kerja Raya, which I get invited by Infra Division. For IJM Games, of course we want to keep the championship. And Thank GOD, we DID! Alhamdullillah…
During IJM Games, one of the most anticipated games was Volleyball. Memang gempak la match tu. And during the games, my wandering eyes catch a glimpse of few player (read : HOT guys). Men in sweat & good in sport? Of course la attractive kan? For me at least. But I don’t even know their name. But it was all good. At least dapat cuci mata.
So a week after that, ada game Sukan Kerja Raya pulak. We managed to secure Silver this time. And, yang bagi lagi syok, there’s a volleyball player that participate during IJM Games also get invited to join the SKR Games as well! And because of that, I finally know his name =)
I don’t know, but this time I feel like I need to approach this guy. I have to be brave. I have his number, but what should I say? 3 days after the game ended, I’ve decided, I need to make a move. I should text him. I don’t care.
And he replied! Well, not as much as what I hope, but yeah, he replied. So now, my intention is, let us be friend. Tak tau la how far this relationship will go. But at least, I tried.
Till then, hope all will go well. In sya Allah. Wish me luck!