Hey guys, hows u’ve been..?

So, by August nanti akan pindah rumah lagi. This time around, apartment pulak. And there will be only me & Shila dekat rumah baru nanti. The other girls will be staying in landed terrance house dekat Nusa Sentral. 
Speaking of rumah, since kata nak pindah ni, rumah dekat Bukit Indah start buat hal pulak. Mula-mula water heater pump dah tak function. So, air sangat lah slow (and no more hot water in the morning! Maigad..!!). Lepas tu lampu kat dressing table pulak start kelip-kelip. La ni, air langsung takde kat Master Bedroom punye toilet. Since then, kena la mandi kat toilet depan which is shared dengan the other 2 girls right in front of our room.
And the Toilet! Oh man! Honestly speaking, thank God masa mandi tak pakai cermin mata. So can you imagine how nasty the toilet was? Tengoklah, kalo rajin tangan, akan dihayun la sikit cuci tandas tu. Im not saying that im a super hygiene clean person, tapi kalo sink pun dah takde kaler putih, dah naik geli pulak.
I think, tonight will be the first time Shila going to use the toilet and I sure she also will have a complaint about it. But sometime I think Shila can be a bit annoying too. She’s quite a clean person, but not till OCD level. You get what I mean? What I’m trying to say is, don’t complain about others when you yourself also not that good. Toilet kat bilik master bed tu pun basuh biasa-biasa ja. Takde sental betul pun. Well, let see and wait what she will talk about it later this evening.
So, peringatan untuk diri sendiri, malam kang kalo rajin pegi cuci toilet depan.

Update on the next day : That other 2 girls just cleaned and washed the toilet last night! I don't know which one but yeah, chommal kamsahamnida!!