Its Saturday and Hari Raya Qurban week.

Im not going back to KL this week as my family decided to come to JB. And Dean will be in Sunway pulak for his Malaysia Promo. Dean aahh, miane ahhh… Cheongmal mianeyo…

Pagi tadi, ada la borak-borak sikit dengan colleague regarding ‘relationship’. I asked him what is wrong with me? Am I such an unapproachable person?

He was hesitate to give me the answer at first. But then he tell me that it is because “Im too easy” “Easy? What do you mean by EASY…?” “You’re not serious. Your happy bubbly personality makes people think that you’re not taking things seriously. So people cannot take you as a serious person. That make it hard to approach you”

And the statement hit me! Right away. And Im thinking, this is not the first time people say this kind of things to me.

I was trying so hard not to be CRAZY SERIOUS person, but turns out people sees me as being TOO UNSERIOUS pulak.

What should I do then?


Cheer Up

Anneyong!!! Im back from Seoul pulak… Kekekeke

But 1st, I need to rant my self out! Ok, a week before I went to Seoul, suppose we need to return the Bukit Indah house key. And the same week jugak kena pindah new office and internal audit will be held as well. I know, I know, it is a hectic week for everybody while Im taking my time off and fly away to my hometown (Seoul of course!).

Tapi tu la, sampai la ni, kunci rumah kat Bukit Indah tu tak di return pun. Orang yg patut handle benda tu (Roshila) kata tak boleh reach orang tu pulak. Ko call bape kali bule aku tanya? Ko pun nak lepas tangan kan? Ko tak boleh ye buat kerja sampai habis sorang2..??

And sampai barang aku nak kena pindah kan pun aku rasa orang lain kemas kan. Ko dok fikir barang ko je kan? Ye, ye, aku tau, barang ko banyak. But I thought you are my friend??? That’s when I realized that “Everybody is selfish” “You have to take care of your ownself”. Yup, reality checked is TOUGH!

Today, me myself try contact again the number that the house owner given last time. Hello!? The person on the other side of the phone pick up!! How come you said the number was not in service last time???? Maigod. Now, nak jadi cerita, memang aku kena settle kan jugak lah benda ni dengan ko kan? Ko sedap nak duduk bilik masterbed. Alasan ko, sebab ko dah kahwin, and sometime laki ko nak datang. Waddaa…???! Nak settle house key, ko boleh berkira lak ngan aku.

Takpe laahhhh. I need to keep my positive vibe intact. Hopefully my Mr Happy Virus can keep me “Cheer Up”. Hopefully. Park Channie ahhhh, please help me ahhhh…

Get'cha Head In The Game

Olaa! Happy Olympic’s Month! 

So, I was involve in 2 games (dengan secara tak sengaja). One is IJM Games, and the other one is Sukan Kerja Raya, which I get invited by Infra Division. For IJM Games, of course we want to keep the championship. And Thank GOD, we DID! Alhamdullillah…
During IJM Games, one of the most anticipated games was Volleyball. Memang gempak la match tu. And during the games, my wandering eyes catch a glimpse of few player (read : HOT guys). Men in sweat & good in sport? Of course la attractive kan? For me at least. But I don’t even know their name. But it was all good. At least dapat cuci mata.
So a week after that, ada game Sukan Kerja Raya pulak. We managed to secure Silver this time. And, yang bagi lagi syok, there’s a volleyball player that participate during IJM Games also get invited to join the SKR Games as well! And because of that, I finally know his name =)
I don’t know, but this time I feel like I need to approach this guy. I have to be brave. I have his number, but what should I say? 3 days after the game ended, I’ve decided, I need to make a move. I should text him. I don’t care.
And he replied! Well, not as much as what I hope, but yeah, he replied. So now, my intention is, let us be friend. Tak tau la how far this relationship will go. But at least, I tried.
Till then, hope all will go well. In sya Allah. Wish me luck!


Hey guys, hows u’ve been..?

So, by August nanti akan pindah rumah lagi. This time around, apartment pulak. And there will be only me & Shila dekat rumah baru nanti. The other girls will be staying in landed terrance house dekat Nusa Sentral. 
Speaking of rumah, since kata nak pindah ni, rumah dekat Bukit Indah start buat hal pulak. Mula-mula water heater pump dah tak function. So, air sangat lah slow (and no more hot water in the morning! Maigad..!!). Lepas tu lampu kat dressing table pulak start kelip-kelip. La ni, air langsung takde kat Master Bedroom punye toilet. Since then, kena la mandi kat toilet depan which is shared dengan the other 2 girls right in front of our room.
And the Toilet! Oh man! Honestly speaking, thank God masa mandi tak pakai cermin mata. So can you imagine how nasty the toilet was? Tengoklah, kalo rajin tangan, akan dihayun la sikit cuci tandas tu. Im not saying that im a super hygiene clean person, tapi kalo sink pun dah takde kaler putih, dah naik geli pulak.
I think, tonight will be the first time Shila going to use the toilet and I sure she also will have a complaint about it. But sometime I think Shila can be a bit annoying too. She’s quite a clean person, but not till OCD level. You get what I mean? What I’m trying to say is, don’t complain about others when you yourself also not that good. Toilet kat bilik master bed tu pun basuh biasa-biasa ja. Takde sental betul pun. Well, let see and wait what she will talk about it later this evening.
So, peringatan untuk diri sendiri, malam kang kalo rajin pegi cuci toilet depan.

Update on the next day : That other 2 girls just cleaned and washed the toilet last night! I don't know which one but yeah, chommal kamsahamnida!!



Annyeong hashimnikka yorobun! Aiks, salah ni. Hello mate!  

Ngee, actually I just come back from a week trip to Gold Coast. Patut pegi trip tu ngan Ila, tapi since Ila ngan Joe are expecting, so tak boleh la mereka join trip ni. Before nak pegi tu, ingat it will be my first solo trip, sebab takde member. Luckily, ada one friend yang baru kenal masa pergi Istanbul hari tu willing to follow lak. So, ada partner jugak lah akhirnya.  

Tapi, by 3rd day of the trip I started to think, maybe I should do this trip alone (atas sebab-sebab tertentu lah macam ada sedikit rasa tak puas hati gitu). Isyhh, macam tak reti bersyukur lak. Tapi tu lah, next time maybe I should try to do SOLO trip. Boleh kot, in sya allah. 

Sepanjang kat sana ada la buat few vlog, which I tell myself repeatedly, I will write a blog about it. The info that I will like to share supaya other people who are planning to go to GC would not do the mistake that I did. I really hope the itinerary will help to guide you guys! 

So, as for my travel plan this year, suppose Gold Coast will be the last one. I went to Turkey last January (Istanbul, Cappodocia & Pamukkale), then Busan & Seoul on March and lastly (lastly ke???) Gold Coast on May. Still got few more months to go before end of 2016. Mungkin tetiba nanti ada additional trip lagi ke…?? Adalah, tengoklah duu rezeki & jodoh macam mana. Eheks…  

Till then, 

Annyeonghi gaseyo!!

Proposed Itinerary for Gold Coast (5D4N)

Day 1
Arrived @ Coolangatta Airport
1)         Purchase Go Travel Card (AUD10) for 1 day usage around GC at GC airport. Go Travel Card must be use on the same day of purchase!
2)         Bule beli simcard jugak kalo dah tak sabar nak pakai internet. Or beli nnt bila smpi kat Surfers Paradise / Cavill Ave.
a.     Recommend simcard for 5days – Optus 10aud. Bule pakai 5 hari. Unlimited call & messages. Tpi ada syarat:
                                          i.       10aud for 5 days = 1 hari, 2 aud = 500mb data.
                                         ii.       Data kena pandai guna, kalo lebih guna 500mb, dia akan terus bump up another 500mb. So nnt hari ke5 dah tak bule guna data.
                                        iii.       Data reset pukul 12tgh malam. So guna smpi habis before 12midnight. Kalo tak habis, burn. Next day dia reset baru, another 2aud will be deducted.
                                        iv.       Di saran kan, guna data hari2. You cannot bend the rules. Eg, 1st day dah terguna sampai 1gb, so 2nd day tak nak guna sbb nak save for the 5th day. TAK BOLEH. Kalo satu hari tak guna automatic, dia akan tolak jugak 2aud/day tu. So just follow the rules, and use the data wisely; daily not more than 500mb.
3)         Sampai Surfers Paradise/ Cavill Ave, carik convenience store / new & mag store, beli Go Card for everyday use to commute around GC & Brisbane area. (AUD20 – 10 for Depo, 10 for usage). Boleh top up terus. Suggest top up another 20aud. Go card will be used on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th day (or 5th day before refund kat Resort News nanti).
a.     Go Card balance bule refund balik dekat Resort News @ Pacific Fair. Kedai dia facing Lake; dekat dengan Giant Chemist store. Dengan syarat, balance dalam Go Card tak lebih dari AUD50. So recommend, top up sikit-sikit (eg 10-20aud)
4)         Boleh check-in hotel. Recommend hotel area, Cavill Ave / Surfers Paradise. Tapi mungkin area ni hotel dia mahal skit. Santana Holiday Resort pun ok sebenarnya. Location; Tram Station Florida Gardens. Landmark : Station minyak Shell (kalo tak silap) / Hotel Crowne Plaza. Santana Holiday on Station Minyak side. Lintas jalan, lalu belakang ‘church’, belok kanan, dah sampai!
5)         Nak pegi mana2, naik tram ja turun kat area Cavill Ave. Pastu jalan kaki sket naik bus pulak. Ada certain tempat, kena naik bus naik Broadbeach South. Eg: Currumbin, Sea World (tram 1st station. Betul2 depan Pacific Fair)
6)         Cruise – Wyndham Cruise. Dekat Surfers Paradise, Cavill Ave. Naik Tram turun kat Cavil Ave. Jalan sket, baru bule nampak wyndham cruise punye counter ticket. Ada morning cruise / evening cruise. Ikut citarasa masing2. Recommend; Evening Cruise (sunset)
7)         Sebelum balik hotel balik, ronda la dulu survey kedai dekat Cavil Ave. Ada Woolworth kat sini untuk beli groceries.
Day 2
1)         Currumbin Wild Life Santuary.
a.     Go Card – From Santana, naik tram dekat Florida Gardens – Broadbeach South – naik Bus 700 – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (1 hour)
2)         Harbour Town
a.     Go Card – Form Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary bus 700 (Broadbeach South) – tram Broadbeach South – Southport Station – bus 704 (Helensvale Station) – Harbour Town
3)         Jalan2 SF / Cavill Ave area
a.     Go Card – From Harbour Town bus 704 (Seaworld) – Southport – tram Southport Station – Cavill Ave
Day 3
1)         Movie World
a.     Option 1 – From Santana, jalan kaki ke Surf Pde at First Avenue (4 minutes walk, 180m) –  Go Card; naik bus TX2 (Movieworld) (45minutes)
b.    Option 2 – Go Card; From Santana, naik tram dekat Florida Gardens – Cavill Ave – jalan kaki ke Appel Park / Vibe Hotel bus stand – naik bus TX2 (Movieworld)
2)         Wet n Wild
a.     Jalan kaki ja dari Movie World. Dalam 5-10 minutes. Pastu bule mandi dah. Theme park tutup pukul 4pm
3)         Naik bus balik or jalan2 lagi dekat SF / Cavill Ave.
Day 4
1)         Brisbane
a.     Go Card – From Santana, naik tram dekat Florida Garden – Broadbeach South – Nerang Station bus 745 – Brisbane, platform Brisbane Airport (2 hours)
2)         Bule jalan2 area Brisbane, tgk City Hall, ada byk kedai2 kat sini jalan puas2. Naik bus kalo tak larat nak jalan, pegi area SouthBank. Ada Wheel of Brisbane, tulisan BRISBANE macam AMSTERDAM tu (bule amek gambar kat situ), The Arbour, Streets Beach.
3)         Dari South Bank, pegi DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) – nearby Brisbane Airport.
a.     Naik bus dekat Cultural Centre Busway Station (if from Southbank) – Toombul Interchange bus 590 – Ninth Ave @ Skygate (DFO) (kalo tak sure bule google balik)
Day 5
1)         Check out. Leave luggage @ Hotel.
2)         Pacific Fair – Go travel card (10aud). Get refund for Go Card @ Resort News. Bole beli Go Travel Card kat sini jugak. Jalan2 cuci mata kalo nak.
3)         Sea World
a.     Go Travel – From Broadbeach South – bus 705 to Sea World
4)         Sky Point Observation Deck.
a.     Go Travel – From  Sea World bus 705 (Broadbeach South) – SkyPoint Observation Deck
5)         Back to hotel to collect luggage
6)         To Gold Coast Airport