Its Saturday and Hari Raya Qurban week.

Im not going back to KL this week as my family decided to come to JB. And Dean will be in Sunway pulak for his Malaysia Promo. Dean aahh, miane ahhh… Cheongmal mianeyo…

Pagi tadi, ada la borak-borak sikit dengan colleague regarding ‘relationship’. I asked him what is wrong with me? Am I such an unapproachable person?

He was hesitate to give me the answer at first. But then he tell me that it is because “Im too easy” “Easy? What do you mean by EASY…?” “You’re not serious. Your happy bubbly personality makes people think that you’re not taking things seriously. So people cannot take you as a serious person. That make it hard to approach you”

And the statement hit me! Right away. And Im thinking, this is not the first time people say this kind of things to me.

I was trying so hard not to be CRAZY SERIOUS person, but turns out people sees me as being TOO UNSERIOUS pulak.

What should I do then?


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